“What do you mean, ‘this is it’?”
Rain smashed against their faces as they stood in the middle of an intersection.
The illuminated bank sign behind them read 2:32AM.
“This is it. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore,” he said.
“But – but that’s not fair. You never gave me a chance.”
He tilted his head and suppressed the bit of rage that tried to escape his throat.

“‘Not fair’? How is it unfair? I tried for months – years, even – and you have still refused. You still chased after what you wanted to while you forgot about me.”
She moved to touch his arm, but he vehemently jerked away and walked toward the glowing screen that now read 2:34AM.
“What was so difficult about me?” he pressed.
She looked away, biting her lip – trying to ignore his question.
“It wasn’t like I asked you for the world. I just wanted to be your friend. And we were friends! Were. We were friends. But you made the decision.”

She stormed over to him and shoved him.
“Stop it! You’re being completely unfair! You don’t even know my side of the story. It’s not like I was the center of your universe. Nothing you have said is a basis for indicting me! Look – my life became busy and, well, our interests shifted.”
He shot her a look. “You mean my ‘interest’ in Christianity and your commitment to Atheism.” Once again, her eyes fell to the ground.
“Admit it – that’s what it was. We finally grew up and you realized that I was the fox and you were the hound. What about our conversations? What about the fact that we had one of the best friendships I’ve ever had? Just because we believe different things doesn’t mean we have to stop being friends.”
“That’s not it…”
“THEN WHAT IS IT? This is ridiculous. We’re close friends for years and now you treat me like some Facebook stalker. I know time and space separate us but I’ve kept in contact with other people whom I consider less close. I mean, they kept in contact with me.”

He stared at her face.
She stared at the ground.
He let his eyes also fall to the ground.

“That’s it, then. Silence. That’s my answer. All that. All of that for silence.”

The sign read 2:42AM, and the only sounds that could be heard were the rain, the wind and two sets of footsteps moving in opposite directions.