The Mars Hill Controversies

Everyone knows about Mars Hill. Two possibilities come to mind.
1) Rob Bell. (And, subsequently, Love Wins.)
2) Mark Driscoll.

Now, I look up to both of these men in different ways.
Both push the envelope.
Both want to challenge the church to move forward, to keep thinking and chase after God. Now, the reception of these two men couldn’t be more varied. Some praise their work. Some declare them a heretic and an extreme fundamentalist.
While it would be interesting to discuss Bell and what he’s up to these days, I’m going to focus on the recent string of controversies that have been seeping out of the Northwest with the situation surrounding Driscoll’s Mars Hill.

I won’t say much more in this post. There’s much more to be read in what I’m about to post. As I would hope you always do, read the following with an impartial mind. Put aside your love/hate for Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll and read this story with fresh eyes.
I say this because it’s vital to our survival as a church in the West.

The main article is here:

Then, after you’ve read/scanned that, read some of this (Paul Petry’s blog):

But ultimately, this is what I want you to read:

Jonna’s account starts at the bottom of that 2nd page I linked – the posted link is also found on that page.
It’s long (14 pages). But you should read it.
I have no reason to doubt the truth of her witness, especially given other recent “silence-breaking” accounts that have surfaced in the past 3-4 months.
To be fair, there could be embellishments/stretching of certain facts to develop the “victim” motif. But, if what she says is true, then we have a severe problem growing in our midst as the Body of Christ.


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