Poll the Internet: Why would you break into a seminary?

This morning, presumably before the sun rose, Western Theological Seminary was broken into by an unknown person or persons.

He just really dislikes the textbook for Congregational Study.

The point-of-entry? President Brown’s window.
The means? A large block of cement.
Has anything been taken? Doesn’t seem so (though I haven’t heard officially).
Did the person actually get in? Unlikely, as the glass shards fell outward, creating a pike-like barrier for any would-be thief/vandal.

So, dear Internet, why do you think someone tried to break into the President’s office?
Calvin’s Institutes?

Tell me what you think, either here or on Facebook/Twitter.


3 comments on “Poll the Internet: Why would you break into a seminary?

  1. I think it was a perspective WTS student that didn’t get admitted. 😉

  2. andy3keller says:

    It’s probably the start of a reformation where instead of nailing 95 theses to a door a block was thrown through a window, the block obviously symbolizing the church’s contamination by American materialism. We have a prophet on our hands!

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