Discussion: Abortion and Suicide

(For all my normal readers: This is a discussion for the youth group that I work with. You may still read it, of course, along with any comments that come, but for the sake of the discussion, I ask that you not comment. That way, the students will be able to comment freely. Thanks.)


As we always start out, what have you heard about abortion? What does most of the world say?
What kinds of things have you heard from your family? From friends?

In the same way – what have you heard about suicide?
What kind of “feeling” is associated with suicide?
And how is suicide treated in churches today?


The world contains opinions almost as varied as the stars.
With the topics of “Abortion” and “Suicide,” it’s no different.

From the people I’ve talked to, these are some of things I’ve heard about abortion:

“Abortion is simply a choice. We make them everyday. There’s nothing at stake; it’s not a baby until birth.”

“It’s tricky. When does life begin? Does it begin the absolute moment of conception? Or does it truly start living 3-4 weeks later? I’m sure scientists know, but I don’t. I think life should be preserved and treasured, but it’s a tough subject.”

“I can see saying it’s ‘murder.’ It’s living from beginning to end. The only question/problem I have is the topic of rape. Are you going to tell a woman who’s been raped that she can’t have an abortion? Maybe you can, but I don’t know if I can.”

Those are just a sample, as always, but they get at the idea. There’s a wide range out there of opinion.
Let’s see what Scripture has to say on this topic.

Flip your Bible open to Psalm 139:13-15 (or you can use a website like Bible Gateway). Think about this passage for a moment. Now read Psalm 22:10-11 and Galatians 1:15.
God actually communicates with babies inside women! That’s nuts. The God of the universe, the same God who created Venus and Mars, elephants and mountains, also “knits together” every child that’s ever been born. Our bodies are wonderful things – especially the reproductive power of the female body.

(For a fuller list of the sanctity of life, check this site.)
Rissa’s going to take over here for a brief moment and write a bit on her take on abortion. Should be excellent. 🙂

I have always been a strong “pro-life” advocate, but I will tell you – since becoming pregnant and learning and discovering things about the incredible process of life formed in the womb that I had never known before, that passion is even stronger. Let me share a few of these discoveries with you 🙂 According to our country’s current laws regarding legal abortions, a woman may have an abortion anytime between conception and the end of the 1st trimester (12-13 weeks) – no questions asked, whatsoever. After that, women may get an abortion in the 2nd trimester if there are complications that would endanger her health. Now, many of these laws work around the tough question of “when does life begin?” by calling it an embryo the 1st and 2nd month, a fetus the 3rd month and 4th month and maybe a baby by the 5th month or much later. Here are some things that I learned about “when life begins” while “watching” my baby grow about that first trimester in which so many abortions take place.

  • By week 5, (which is technically only 2 weeks after conception – ask me later 😉 the heart is formed and is already beating.
  • By week 8, the baby with a gradually forming face, limbs and internal organs is already making movements
  • By week 9 and 10, muscles and bones and cartilage are forming – there are even baby teeth forming and the elbows are working! The stomach and kidneys are already doing their duty.
  • By week 11, the baby has hair, nails, and distinctly formed hands, feet and ears.
  • By week 12, most of the body’s systems are FULLY formed – they just need to grow and shift a little. 🙂

Do you remember that ultrasound picture that we showed you a few months ago? That was our baby at 11 weeks. 2 inches long but with a fully formed body with all functioning systems, movement, and heart beat. Now, I knew even at this early point in pregnancy that the baby was alive, but I was shocked and completely in awe of how alive the baby was at only 11 weeks – bouncing up and down, swinging arms and legs, stretching out and curling back up. It was the most incredible moment of my life to watch the life of my child – all 2 inches of him/her. 🙂

Life is precious. And life is precious to God. The witness of the Bible shows that our God loves all of life – whether in the womb – or out of the womb.

Stick with me, we’re halfway done. (I can almost hear the groaning.)

This is a tough subject. This life is hard, and there are many people without anyone to comfort them.
No one to turn to, no help – no savior. This, my friends, is hopelessness. And I pray none of you ever experience the depth of despair you can fall into when you lose all hope.

But when you lose hope, you do some pretty desperate things. Most people who “attempt” suicide merely do just that – attempt something serious to get attention. However, any loss of life is tragic.

Go back over some of those verses above. Does God care about you? Without a shred of doubt.
Why else would he send his ONLY son to die for every single person who ever lived? Jesus never even met you physically yet he died for you on the cross. That’s the kind of God we serve.

God loves everyone, including those who want to take their own lives. Job 1:21 says that God gives…and God takes away.
He’s Creator.
He’s the High God.
He’s the One with a plan. And He’s in control. That means God’s in control of everything. From the spark of life and spirit in the womb to the last breath of life. Suicide is a grasp at that control, thinking that life isn’t worth living.

ALL life is holy. God is the author of life. Without Him, we wouldn’t be.
That’s why our lives as Christians are so important. We are called to be the witnesses of Christ to a world that’s selfish.
That wants control.
That kills. That steals. That thinks of only itself.
God loves, so much, that it killed His only son. If there’s nothing else you get from this discussion – please get that. 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there for this post, everyone. Don’t feel like you have to comment, but if you’d like to – Rissa and I will be glad to read them and respond if you have any questions.

I pray you all stay safe in the snow, and that you all sleep well tonight.
-Zac and Rissa


3 comments on “Discussion: Abortion and Suicide

  1. Jordan Olivo says:

    Well, abortion is muchly frowned upon not only around school or church, but in society as a whole. It’s classified as “murder” for some people, or “killing an innocent living thing.” which I agree with to some extent. But most of the abortions are young mothers who got pregnant way too soon. It’s an “easy way out” for most, a “last resort” for some.

    Suicide. I do know that females attempt it more often than males, but males are more successful at it than females. It’s more common around adolescence, for fear of not fitting in, low self-esteem, lack of love from family or friends, or feeling that God has turned against them. The Church, well, again is divided in opinion I’m sure. Some find it’s a sin to “play God” and end a life based on one’s decision. Whilst others find it’s just an unfortunate state of mind (which it is) and pray for them

    Whether frowned upon or not, these are very real, and very relatable issues to most, if not all of us. I’m interested to see what others have to say. Thankss.

  2. Colton Clark says:

    Abortion: When i participated in a “Day of silence” i took a lot of crap to be honest. Not many people see it the same way as me. Also that day the principle made the people wearing the red silence to take it off due to some bogus “health risk” excuse. Most of my friends are “Pro-choice” which can make it hard to show my opinion without getting and earful from them. I am not saying that when a women is raped, or has suffered through incest that it is “ok” BUT it shouldn’t be taken out on the baby. If a womens life is threatened by complications I would say to try to save the mother though.

    (sorry for the long winded responce)

  3. Colton Clark says:

    Suicide: while haven’t had as much exposure to this as i have some other issues it is for sure still important. Although people may have tough lives that are just bad, i just don’t think somebody killing them selves is necessary. I know people joke about in a way, like; “If i don’t get an A on this test Im going to kill myself” and other thing like that (Im guilty of this too on occasion)but i cant be right though.

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